Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Ok I am not quite sure what I am going to talk about in this blog but everyone has been begging me to get one so here it is.

I need some advice. I have a ton of stuff to talk about everyday from my daughter, coaching, teaching, Walmart, family, to life in general. How should I do this. I don't want a blog for each one.

I will start today by talking about Amira. My 22 month old little angel. She amazes me everyday. She started out 8 weeks early and only 3lbs and 6oz and is now right on track at about 22lbs and will be turing 2 on Nov. 21st. I can't believe it. She went from not walking until she was about 16months old to climbing on everything and barely being able to keep up. She only said about 10 words at 18 months and she now says 2-5 words at a time. Like this morning she was sitting on the bed and she got up and started dancing and said "dancing like a big girl" just plain as day. Then she got down and I followed her to see where she was going. She went to the bathroom and got in the chair at the counter and when she saw me watching said brush teeth. It was so adorable.

I have posted some recent pics of her below. Ok now leave some comments and let me know what you want to hear about my life and what you want me to shut up about!...

Here is one of her and Emma her cousin in the bath tub together.