Friday, December 11, 2009

Latest Pics

Well we finally got to talk to grandma and grandpa on skype. Mira was a little confused at first but she caught on. After we were done she went to the door and put on her hat and gloves and said grandmas home! Poor thing. We had to call them back so she could talk one more time. This morning when she woke up she wanted grandpa on the puter again. This is gonna be a rough month till we get to see them. It might turn out to be like that Jim Carey movie where his whole life is on TV. I told grandma she might just have to leave her computer on skype all the time so Mira can talk when she wants.
What a week. I worked Mon-Wed at the middle school now Timmy is getting to work 12 hour days so he doesn't get home till like 4 in the morning so I cant have him watch Amira. I don't like having a full time baby sitter but I also cant just stay home or I will loose those teachers who always call me. Even though he makes more in 2 hours of over time than I do all day of subbing. I think I will just see if the neighbors can watch her just next week. But hope all is well here are a This one is mira and her daddy in the rocking chair.

Here is the adorable little one on Thanksgiving.


  1. Whats wrong? Dont you like sending her to Aunt Jill's house? :) You know I'm here if ya need me. I love that picture of her on Thanksgiving,, it totally looks like she's posing for it!

  2. Mom told me about your web cam chat. Poor little girl is so confused. I think going to Florida will help because she will see that she's some place different and not right next door. I bet you guys are excited to get outta here and go there where its warm.

  3. Oh she loves to go to Jill's house. I just hate missing out on time with her and hate that she gets so little with her daddy. But she does not mind leaving us. I guess thats ok though. She is happy in whatever she does but I know she still likes us best...