Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter is finally here!

Well I guess it had to happen sometime. Winter is finally here. We had some icy rain last night that melted off this morning and now we are having some snow showers and a high of like 14 degrees tomorrow. I can't wait to come visit ya in Florida grandma. Everything is going pretty well. I have been subbing a lot at the middle school. I love it there. I have been in sixth grade english the last two days. Its a blast. Volleyball is going great we were able to field two full teams that will compete in state tournaments Jan.-March. The girls are incredibly talented already. I am so excited for the future. Christmas shopping is pretty much done we got Amira a little tikes basketball goal and a tag jr reading system. It is really cool its this hand held device that she can put over the words in a book and it reads it to her with cool voices and sound effects and asks her questions about the pictures and stuff. I am excited I think she will like it. Mom and Dad are so hard to buy for though cuz they have already bought everything they need. Hope all is going well. Love ya....

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